MyTesup Privacy Policy


1. Personal Data Collected
1.1 Information We Collect:

When you use myTesup, an IoT app focusing on wind turbine and solar panel electricity generation information, we may collect various types of information related to energy generation, including but not limited to:

Device Information: Data that could identify your energy generation device, such as device serial number or device type.
Energy Generation Information: Data about your energy generation activities, including details about wind turbine and solar panel performance, electricity output, energy efficiency, and related metrics.
External Device Information: Data from connected external devices such as anemometers (for wind speed measurement) and pyranometers (for solar irradiance measurement).
Contact Information: Your name, email address, physical address, phone number, and other contact details for communication purposes.

1.2 How We Use Your Personal Data:

We use the collected data to:

Power our services and provide insights into energy generation activities, incorporating data from wind speed and solar irradiance measurements.
Enhance the functionality and performance of the myTesup app for better user experience, integrating data from external measurement devices.
Communicate with you and provide relevant information about energy generation and our services.
Ensure the security and integrity of the energy generation and external device data collected.

2. Sharing of Personal Data
We may share your energy generation and external device-related personal data with:
Service Providers: Third parties who assist us in analyzing and improving our energy generation services, including data from external devices.
Partners: Trusted third parties that help provide specific energy-related services.

3. Protection of Personal Data
We prioritize the security of your energy generation and external device-related personal data and employ appropriate measures to safeguard it.

4. Cookies Policy
Our app may use cookies to enhance your experience. By using myTesup, you consent to the use of cookies as described in our Cookies Policy.

For further information regarding our privacy practices, please contact us at support page on app.

This Privacy Policy is effective as of using myTesup app and applies to the myTesup IoT app focusing on wind turbine and solar panel electricity generation.